Hey! Let me start off with a big thank you for taking time out of your day to find out more about us.

Keep reading and you will find out how I went from corporate management to Fitness Coach, Behaviour Modification Specialist and Business owner.

A few things about me as a Trainer. . .

1) I will meet you where you are and I will teach you tools to help you succeed-in fitness and in life.

2) I am endlessly optimistic about everything. There are no losses in life only lessons.

3) I will hold you accountable every step of the way.

Here’s how some of my clients describe me. . . .

"Brandon is on your side! You are not alone. You will have good days & bad days, but Brandon will push you through the bad days."

"He exceeded my expectations. He is a dedicated warrior who is an expert at his craft."


experience Fitness Your Way


Here's My Story...

I AM. . . . a Chicagoan. I was born in Chicago. I was a latch-key kid growing up. I played all the major sports, soccer, baseball, football, and basketball.

I was the scrawny and lanky kid. I was 5’11 and 165 on a good day.

Once I made it to college, I found the weight room and the rest was history.

I had 3 square meals a day, the best cheap pizza ever every night and more time on my hands than I imagined. I remember when I came home during holiday break my mom asked "what was I taking to get so big!?" You've heard about the freshman 15lb in college. Mine was more like the freshman 30lbs!

I have been an athlete my entire life and lifting weights for over 2 decades now.

I will leave out all the broken bones, pulls, strains, and pains I have experienced over the years. I believe I have injured every part of my body besides my shoulders. Foot, ankles, knee, hip, wrist, hand and back were a mess all before 25 years old. By training properly, I have had no major injuries since then. If I can do it, you can to!

My Fitness Journey started when I was at the top of my physical peak.

February 13th, 2016 . . . life hit me . . . and it hit hard. A brain aneurysm!! A blood vessel in my brain started leaking.

If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of my beautiful wife, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I can literally say, I owe her my life!!

My recovery was about 6-7 months, and it was 9-12 months before I felt normal. After all, I did have a nerve removed and my brain had to re-map itself.

During this time, I was laser focused and super positive. This is who I am but I turned it up a notch.

I would not accept any thought other than getting back to 100% as quickly as I could. I pushed myself at every opportunity.

Let me paint a picture of where I was.....

Before the brain surgery, my bench was 350+. When I returned to the gym, I had the biggest gym fail of my life. I went to lift the weight off the bar, and it immediately fell to my chest. I could not move this weight that I thought was super light.

It took 2 guys to come to my rescue. I got an Instant headache. I was nauseous and totally embarrassed. After sitting there for a few minutes. I walked to the locker room, grabbed my things and went home.

I had to rethink my game plan.

20 pounds lighter and starting from scratch . . . That is where I found myself.

This is when my thought process changed and I contemplated changing careers.

Once I got my fitness groove back, I wanted to share my experience and help others. I wanted people to know the benefits of being healthy and physically fit.

What better way than to be a Trainer!!

I enrolled at the National Personal Training Institute. It was here that I was able to put the science with my training experience.

I went on to officially get certified with NASM. I enchanced my skills with additional certifications in Nutrition and Corrective Exercise.

I spent my first 3 years working at a big box gym, where I was able to apply my knowledge, gain valuable experiences and connect with people on a daily basis. I worked with clients with all body types, fitness levels, injuries and limitations .

Those experiences prepared me for this opportunity. The opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise to help YOU is what I look forward to each day!

After years of me working at the big box gym, my Wife and I took our passion for helping others and created Fitness Farm Training Solutions.

Fitness Farm Training Solutions is more than just physical fitness.

I am your coach. Through fitness we will enhance your overall quality of life. That includes your body, mind, finances, etc. It was with this thought in mind our tag line was birthed.

"Experience Fitness In Every Area Of Your Life"

The opportunity to invite you to be apart of the FitFarm Family has been a dream come true.

I get to use my expertise and experiences to give back and help other people be the strongest version of themselves.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your fitness journey!


All Programs Include:

*Full Exercise Programming Customised to Your Unique Goals

*Nutrition Coaching

*Boxing Fundamentals (Beginner/Intermediate)

Private Coaching

24/7 Gym Access

1 Hour Session

1:1 Coaching

Semi-Private Coaching

24/7 Gym Access

1 hour Session

3:1 Coaching

OnLine Coaching

24/7 Gym Access

1 hour Session

1:1 Coaching

Group Sessions

Gym Access

1 hour Consulation

1:1 Coaching

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