Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often and how hard do I need to workout in order to lose weight and see changes in my body?

I would you love to tell you that it is as simple a burn more calories than you consume. The truthful answer is, it

depends. It depends on your current level of fitness, injury history, time commitment, and nutrition. Results can

be seen with 2-3 days of increased activity, for 30-60 minutes, and making better food choices.

  • How long will it take to get my body toned once I start my fitness journey?

You will start to feel different immediately. Typical results can vary. Most people experience a change inches

around waist/hips, weight loss, and increased strength in a little as 14 days.

  • If I lift weights will it have me looking like a bodybuilder?

Absolutely NOT! I get this question from 100% of female clients. You do not have to be worried about looking

bulky just because you pic up something heavy.

  • Can I workout without changing my eating habits and still lose weight?

The short answer is NO! NO! NO! You are free to workout and not change your eating habits. However, your

eating habits will have a great impact on your overall results.

  • Do you accept checks?

We do not accept checks at this time. We do accept cash and all major credit cards

  • Can I bring a friend or family member to my session?

Absolutely! Once a month we have our "Bring a Friend to Train" promotion where you are able to bring one

person with you to your scheduled session.

  • If I start personal training and don't like it or see the results I want will I get a refund?

At Fitness Farm Training Solutions we strive to provide quality service and treat our clients like family. Personal

Training/Fitness Coaching is just one piece of your fitness journey. We will work with you to find solutions

to your specific circumstance. In order to have the outcomes you desire you are expected to do your part, which

includes communicating in a timely manner, being flexible, remaining consistent and monitoring your nutrition.

No Refunds are provided for services rendered. A request to terminate services must be submitted within 10

days prior to next billing period, when applicable, to stop additional payments.

  • If I sign up for Semi-Private training and my finances change am I able to switch to one-on-one training?

Yes, at the start of the next billing cycle we will adjust your payment to reflect the new training package.

  • If I have a question or need to cancel my session after hours how do I reach you?

Upon signing up for services every client is given access to our client portal. If you have questions or need to

cancel a session contact us at 708-350-6655. We will respond to your message the next business day.

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